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Arizona Fair Housing Center (AZFHC) has immediate part-time employment opportunities in its Fair Housing Program. Candidates must be self-motivated, have a strong work ethic, be attentive to details and have good people skills. Candidates must be comfortable working in a team environment and have the ability to engage with  diverse communities, including members of the immigrant/refugee, LGBT and other diverse populations who may be seeking AZFHC's assistance with housing discrimination.

Open Positions 

 Closed Positions - May 2023

Local, State and Federal fair housing laws prohibit housing discrimination based on factors including race, national origin, sex, familial status, religion, disability, and source of income/Housing Choice Voucher Status, among other protected classes. The open positions will work in AZFHC's Fair Housing Program under the supervision of the Deputy Director, and be an integral part of the team, providing fair housing intake, outreach, information/education, and assist with testing and other investigation to determine the presence of unlawful housing discrimination and filing discrimination complaints with local, state and federal enforcement agencies, as appropriate.

Closed Positions - January 2022

Closed Positions - November 2021

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